ESPRO Press P3-32oz

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Brewing is a sight to behold. See the magic of the ESPRO Press at work making your perfect Laker Coffee brew.

The P3 takes the classic sophistication of a traditional glass French press and perfects it through design and technology. Simply put, the P3 is safer, more durable, and keeps beverages warmer than other glass presses on the market.

They invented a patent-pending Safety Lock™ to completely secure the glass inside the steel cage, and finally eliminate the industry’s issue of glass slipping out while pouring. They designed the German-made Schott Duran® glass to be 40% thicker than a traditional press. And they included our patented double micro-filter for a clean, delicious cup with none of the typical grit and mess.

Tea filter not included.

  • Produces 32 oz of coffee
  • Glass and Black Plastic
  • Double micro-filter for an incredibly clean cup
  • Easy to clean
  • 1 year limited factory replacement warranty
  • Filters are BPA, BPS and phthalate free
  • Global patents pending

How to brew your perfect cup of Laker Coffee:

Step 1: designed for optimal brewing

  • extracts pure flavours by fully mixing grounds and water
  • keeps temperature constant and hot with vacuum insulation

Step 2: designed for optimal filtering

  • the first micro-filter (a) is vertical and reaches below the layer of grounds to the clean coffee - it also lets the aromatic oils seep through at the top
  • the second micro-filter (b) makes sure your coffee is very clean, so extraction doesn’t continue in your cup
  • the double silicone lip seal prevents any grinds from bypassing the filter

Step 3: designed for optimal enjoyment

  • precision brewing preserves all of the freshly brewed flavours and aromas, so you can enjoy them again and again